Co-ordination Team members

As is stated in the revised Constitution adopted on 1st September 2018 The Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS) now has only one formal elected office, that of Treasurer.
The Co-ordination Team is made up of that Officer plus people who have been involved in VGS sponsored projects, and/or have held office in VGS; and some co-opted members. The team members are :-

Treasurer:  Jean Twibell

Futures Forum Chair: Robert Crick
Futures Forum Secretary: Jeremy Woodward

Past Officers: Dave Bramley, Rita Hedley, Liz Bramley,

Heads of Projects (present or past): John Twibell, Bob Miles, Louise Woolley, Michael Brittain, Kerry Gibbons, Graham Hutchinson, Jon Ball

Co-opted: Diana East, Jackie Green, Tony Green, Graham Cooper, Stephen Pemberton

Webmaster: Mary Walden-Till


 Jeremy please correct where needed and place those below in their proper place!!!!!!   Should we group by project, length of association, alphabetically, ?

Dave N Jenny Alexander; Jill Gray; Trevor Jones

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