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London Design Festival online

September 21, 2022

Lots happening in London which can be joined virtually:

Design Economy

Mapping London’s Design Economy

17 – 25 September at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Almost one hundred and twenty thousand people work in London’s design industries, with each borough home to its own unique design community. What does London’s design sector look like across the capital? What creative disciplines do they practice?

Visit the large-scale data visualisation, created using new data from our Design Economy research, to find out how design is spread across the city, key facts about borough’s from Camden to Croydon and the contribution it makes to London’s economy.

Created in partnership with Beyond Words and 22 Bishopsgate.


Live podcast recording: The Design & Technology Association

21 September, 11.00-11.50, Virtual event 

In conversation with Yewande, Engineer Designer & Innovator about her journey as a chartered engineer, love for design and creativity and her thoughts on:

• Becoming a global citizen to solve world problems?

• Sustainability and solving problems for the benefit of future generations

• Being a woman in in the Engineering industry and the lack of gender balance


Come together: How Can Design Build Stronger Communities?

21 September, 13.10-14.00, Virtual event 

How can design build stronger communities? Design has the power to create great and better places, to connect people and to empower them with enhanced confidence, skills, and a greater sense of agency. From community-led design to participatory and collaborative design, today many public and private organisations are transforming their processes to involve the public in the design decisions affecting the public realm.

This panel will introduce the work of different organisations and practitioners putting people first to create more inclusive, accessible and stronger communities and projects.


Democratising the Design Process

21 September, 14.20-15.10, Virtual event 

How can new technologies empower the public to design their cities? In this panel, we will explore how new technologies can be used today to create new forms of engagement, participation and knowledge and build better places and cities in the future.

From mobile apps and augmented reality to metaverse platforms, the potential of these technologies to democratise the design processes is widely unexplored and can radically transform how cities, the commons and their values will be shaped in the near future.


Shaping Ecological Futures

21 September, 15.30-16.20, Virtual event 

The twin crises of global warming and mass biodiversity loss are two of the most serious issues that design has to respond today. While we have seen major improvements to design practices over the last decades, meeting the needs of our society without compromising the rights of future generations and breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a fundamental change to how we regard our environment and landscape.

In this panel, we will explore how organisations and practitioners are responding today to the impacts of climate change through innovative initiatives towards creating a more positive and optimistic future for the planet.




Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
London, SW7 2RL
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