Futures Forum

Futures Forum

The group offers a forum for discussion and debate to citizens concerned with the future of Sidmouth town, coast and valley. It is a subgroup of the VGS with its own Chair and Secretary, it also has its own Blog

The Group’s Aims

Futures Forum aims to gather and disseminate information and ideas, to complement the work of local government and promote social inclusion in the area.

The group has been involved in working in such diverse areas as –

  • the East Devon Local Plan, which emerged from the Local Development Framework
  • the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan, the VGS having compiled an initial Report in 2006 and a basis for a Town Plan in 2008
  • the Beach Management Plan, to protect Pennington Point from coastal erosion
  • development at Eastern Town and Port Royal
  • protecting the Valley’s medical facilities, notably the Hospital and the Medical Centre
  • the District Council’s relocation project: moving from the Knowle to Honiton, and the future of the Knowle site
  • recycling:  waste and plastic pollution
  • repair cafe: reducing and reusing in the community
  • cycling in Sidmouth, working with Otter Links

The Futures Forum is an arm of the VGS and has its own Chair amd Secretary.

It organises meetings of groups and professionals in the field open to the public to encourage informed debate.
There is a blog devoted to the issues involved at: Futures Forum




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