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1000 profitable solutions for the environment

  • by JW

… that can protect the environment in a profitable way


Some five years ago, there was the extraordinary round-the-world trip by the solar-powered aircraft the Solar Impulse:

Futures Forum: Fossil-free flying: Solar Impulse


Its inventor and pilot has since put together the Solar Impulse Foundation:


A historic first

A first in energy to showcase the potential of clean technologies When Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg succeeded in flying 43,000 km around the world in a solar-powered airplane without using a drop of fuel, it was more than a historic first, it was a first in energy highlighting the potential of clean technologies that can do more than we ever thought possible, reducing our energy consumption, protect natural resources and improve the quality of life on Earth.


Boosting the adoption of profitable solutions to protect the environment

To address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard has launched, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, the challenge to select 1000 solutions, that can protect the environment in a profitable way and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation. A way to take the success of the solar-powered flight around the world further.


Solar Impulse Foundation: 1000 profitable solutions for the environment


Here are a couple of further evaluations:

‘A crisis accepted becomes an adventure’: Explorer Bertrand Piccard gives his tips on how to survive lockdown


For decades, clean technologies have suffered from the misconception that they are “too expensive”. On top of that, a false idea has taken hold in some quarters that it is not possible to maintain economic growth and living standards while also maintaining environmental integrity and protecting our planet. But this is a fallacy.

Why? First, because harming our planet, its natural resources and biodiversity, is already having a dramatic impact on national economies. And second, because clean technologies are a major economic and industrial opportunity.

The Solar Impulse Foundation: reconciling economy and ecology