Sidmouth and sustainability


Sustainable Sidmouth, part of the Transition Town Network

Sustainable Sidmouth is officially part of the Transition Town network along with our neighbour Exmouth,

and our big neighbour Exeter.


The idea behind Transition Towns is to work towards making smaller communities more self reliant and less easily affected by disturbances troubling larger communities.
However it is not an inward looking initiative, its aim is to get smaller communities working well and thus spreading benefits outward. More information can be found on their website.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a part of how we will achieve sustainability in Sidmouth.

Food, the production and delivery of and the contamination of, is obviously a sustainability concern. How to keep soils fertile and avoid our food actually poisoning us instead of nourishing us has been a problem since man began farming. We now have the problem of ‘food miles’ to address too.
The VGS was instumental in forming and running the Farmers’ Market, and starting the Sidmouth Food Festival, it is now run by Kennaway House.

Other strands are Energy, Transport, Building and protecting the environment, including Recycling.

With a view to protecting the environment VGS is supporting Sidmouth Plastic Warriors in their campaign to reduce plastic use in Sidmouth.

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