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Sidmouth in EDDC’s Local Plan

All of the Local Plan’s general statements affect the whole of East Devon but they also mention some places separately.

These extracted notes are just so you can see all the separate occasions where Sidmouth has been mentioned. They DO NOT imply that things which aren’t mentioned here don’t apply to Sidmouth. It you want to know everything which applies to Sidmouth you will need to read the whole Local Plan which can be found here


Sidmouth section Exerpts from the Local Plan,Sidmouth

Personal extracts from the Local Plan of all elements which should apply to Sidmouth. There is no warranty that this is complete so please do not rely on it without checking with the full Local Plan.

Development area ED03

Town Maps local-plan-sidmouth-jan-2016-

Maps with supplementary information. Produced in 2012 but survived unchanged (it seems).

Extract from the map for the east of East Devon

Extract from the map for the west part of East Devon

Whole of East Devon annotated