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Traffic and Transport

Managing how we get around Sidmouth, the Sid Valley and beyond is key to creating a sustainable and viable future.


The VGS has been concerned with the issues of transport and traffic since its inception – and its 2006 Vision Report covers much of this and includes several key proposals (see points 6.9: Transport and Parking; and 6.10: Footpaths, Footways and Cycleways):

The original Vision Group report

Meanwhile, since its inception, the VGS has worked on various policy issues…


In 2008 the Traffic & Transport Action Group convened to produce a report which was passed to Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council. Here is that report:

Welcome to the Traffic & Transport Action Group

According to our polls in the past, residents and visitors alike wish to see better management of the traffic in Sidmouth.

The founding group members, Pat and David Addis who are residents of the town, were keen to motivate and encourage people and businesses in the town work towards a viable and workable traffic management plan, which would benefit all who live, work, trade and visit Sidmouth.

Action points for the Transport Group: –

  1. To bring together local interest groups to work towards a traffic management plan for the area, which would take into account the concerns of the business community as well as those of the tourists and the residents
  2. To press forward with proposals for a Park and Ride schemes on the out skirts of the town
  3. Continue to encourage Stuart Hughes to bring forward the meeting regarding the Traffic Management Plan for the area

The Addises laid the groundwork, which included in-depth surveys of those impacted by problems and potential changes to current arrangements both locally and in various areas of Devon, also opening up these issues for discussion with the local authorities.

A round-table discussion was held in Sidmouth in the autumn of 2008, and the proposals resulting from that and other work were passed on to the local authorities for inclusion in the Local Transport Plan. The participants agreed on the need to move forward with improvements to the town centre, and the need for a forceful approach to the introduction of a Park and Ride Scheme.



The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan of 2019 – in which the VGS was intimately bound – has many these issues at the heart of its considerations, policies and community actions (see Access & Connectivity):

The Adopted version of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan

a Community Actions appendix to the plan


Thoughts for the future:

I think we need to try to revive this, it is an area where the town wants change and could see what we have achieved. Perhaps a competition like the Port Royal one but within the town? Get children thinking about what is needed in a town, how you have to have parking for customers and deliveries for shops as well as being able to get around. It could be a showcase for all sorts of things, and probably ties in with the NP and Cycling… (5 April 2018)


Traffic Management Plan:

Movement towards a comprehensive plan to manage traffic and transport has been anticipated for some time.

See: Traffic Management Plan