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East Devon Byelaws and Licensing

Our local Byelaws are there to protect the things we find important and therefore it is good to be aware of them. Below you can find links to some of the documents

Government guidance on making Byelaws

East Devon Byelaws

In most circumstances the actual Byelaws are not available on the EDDC website; but there are some references to them on the following pages/links.

Collecting Byelaws here is a work in progress, if you have links to any documents we would be very grateful if you would let us know via the contacts form.

Body adaptation or skin piercing Tattooing, Ear piercing and Electrolysis, Acupuncture

Busking   Don’t be loud or cause a nuisance.

Dogs ( not found yet)

Metal detecting      Digging to recover finds in parks, playgrounds and pleasure grounds is banned

Seashores and Promenades     This opens as a PDF and is the actual Byelaw

Public toilet provision in food businesses


A guide to the Licensing Act 2003 GN1

A guide to entertainment that doesn’t need a licence under the Licensing Act 2003

Street trading policy and application guidance

Street trading consent standard conditions and terms

Information about street trading

Information about a pavement licence

Marine issues

Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority 2020 Bye-Laws