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Friends of Glen Goyle

Glen Goyle is a valley created by a brook on the west side of Sidmouth. It can not be seen from the Esplanade as the brook has been culverted for quite a distance back from the sea but if you look over the railings on to the beach opposite the bottom of Glen Road you will see where it empties out onto the pebbles.

Glen Road runs from the Esplanade up the west side of the Belmont Hotel and then passes the right side of the Royal Glen Hotel. When you approach the Royal Glen Hotel you will see the lower reaches of Glen Goyle on the right, they are now incorporated into the gardens of the Belmont Hotel and are not open to the public.

However, if you walk a little further you will come across a crossroads with Manor Road, turning right on to this you are almost immediately on the bridge over the stream. On the north side of the road just over the bridge is the entrance to the public area of Glen Goyle and this is where the physical work of the project takes place.

Full details can be found on the Friends of Glen Goyle website