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National Legislation of particular importance to Sidmouth

This is a collection of links to National legislation but it is not intended to be exhaustive. It is designed to be a ‘one stop’ resource for the things we think people will most often be researching. We will keep it up to date, and add to it, as best we can but we are not professionals and so you should not rely on these links in the way you would rely on professional advice. It is your responsibility to check that any legislation is still current.

The Localism Act 2011 generally governs Local Authorities but occasionally mentions Parish Councils. The parts most relevant to Sidmouth may be :-

Part 1, chaper 6 Predetermination

Part 1, chapter 7 Standards

Part 5 Community Empowerment

Part 6 Planning

Part 7 Housing

Schedule 4 Conduct of local government members

Schedule 12 Neighbourhood Planning: Consequential Amendments

The National Planning Policy Framework

Full document NPPF 2019

Annotated personal extracts 2018 version

Local Enterprise Partnerships

Map of England

The Authorities within the Heart of the South West LEP

National Local Growth Assurance Framework April 2019

Website of the Heart of the SWLEP

H ot SW-LEP Assurance Framework 2019

Local Access Forum

Local Authority responsibilities to do with land access in their area. LAF guidance   Regulations

National strategy for sustainable development includes

Sustainable development goals

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable development strategy 2005

Joint Nature Conservation Committee Action Plan 2006

Joint Nature Conservation Committee website

Waste management

Links to Ministry documents

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Supporting the high street and increasing the delivery of new homes 2018

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports

Taking Part Focus on Heritage  2017

Heritage Statement 2017

Heritage Statement: One year on  2018

Coastal Communities, and funding we have missed out on.

Lyme, Beer and Exmouth have Costal Communities teams so the statement that Sidmouth would have been too prosperous to qualify might not be accurate. We need to be alert for future opportunities.

Map of local teams

Coastal Communities

Coastal revival fund 2018 (closed)

Coastal Communities Fund 2018, £40 million (closed)

Health of Coastal Communities


South Marine Plan

Marine Conservation Zones

Marine Protected Areas Network Report 2012 – 2018

England’s Marine Life Protected With Blue Belt Expansion  May 2019

Coastal land

England Coastal Path    Responsibilities of land owners and managers.


Flood and coastal erosion management authorities

Flood and coastal risk management strategy

Conservation Areas


Charity Law

There are many Charities in Sidmouth and the Town Council is Trustee for some of them. This means that every Town Councillors is a Trustee and needs to know Charity Law.

Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016    This legislation increased the powers of the Charity Commission. Guidance notes from the Charity Commission are on the National Guidance of importance to Sidmouth page