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National Guidance of importance to Sidmouth

This is not an exhaustive list but rather an attempt to collect together, in one page, things which people might be searching for. We are not professionals and while we will try to keep it all up to date it is not to be relied on. Please check for yourself that you have the most recent versions of documents.

This page is made up of two sections. Guidance from Government or those who report to Government and help shape policy; and Reports and Research commissioned by such bodies or other authoritative sources.



The Good Councillor’s guide 2018 Parish Councillors

Guidance for new councillors 2018 Local Government Association, for District and County Councillors

Planning for well-designed places 2019 How are well-designed places achieved through the planning system?

Shoreline Management Plans Guidance  2011 All the things that should be considered in Shoreline Management Plans

Historic England

Managing Heritage Assets a guide for Local Authorities 2017

Disposal of Heritage Assets a guide for Local Authorities 2010

The Transfer of Heritage Assets 2015

Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning :

The Setting of Heritage Assets 2017

Enabling Development and Heritage assets 2020

Energy Efficiency and Traditional Homes 2020

Listed Building Consent 2021

Charity Commission

Local authorities as charity trustees This seems to apply to Parish Councils too as I have not been able to find any separate guidance.

Managing your Charity

Trustee role and Board

What trustees need to know about disposing of charity land. The Ham is Designated Land and can not be disposed of without consulting the beneficiaries and gaining their approval. After that the Charity Commission would need to approve it also. Other charity land the Town Council holds may also be Designated Land.

Conflicts of Interest a guide for Charity Trustees

Charity Commission guidance, publications and information.

Reports and research

House of Lords

Report on Seaside Towns 2019

Historic England

Images in support of Coastal Heritage Risk Report 2016

The Heritage Dimension of Planning Applications 2019

The heritage sector in England and its impact on the economy 2018

Impact of Heritage Sector Local Authority Funding Cuts in South West England 2017

Heritage Counts 2017 South West Regional Report

Heritage Counts 2017 South West Heritage and the Economy

Heritage Counts 2018 South West Regional Report

Heritage Counts 2018 Heritage and the South West Economic Report

Heritage Counts 2018 Heritage and the Economy

Heritage Counts 2018 Heritage and Society

Heritage Counts 2018 Heritage in Commercial Use

Heritage and the Economy 2019

Heritage Lottery Fund and Visit England

Heritage and the UK Tourism Economy 2010

The Story of Us: Heritage and communities 2017

Values and benefits of heritage A research review 2016

Leveraging our Cultural Heritage 2014

Leveraging Britain’s Culture in Brazil, China and Italy 2016

Delivering a Golden Legacy, A growth Strategy for inbound tourism 2012-2020


Jurassic Coast Management Plan 2014-19

Sustainability in architecture article 2017