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Some years ago, the VGS put together an initiative to promote biodiversity:

Biodiversity Group – Vision Group for Sidmouth


One of the projects was to promote wildflower seeds locally:

Futures Forum: New Biodiversity Group in Sidmouth


Another was to put together a beach garden, together with Sidmouth in Bloom:

The Sidmouth Beach Garden

The Sidmouth Beach Garden “Ocean Scene”

Has anyone got an old rowing boat to donate? – Vision Group for Sidmouth


The VGS is now part of a new group founded in spring 2020

– together with the Science Festival, the Arboretum and the environment committee of the Town Council:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group: Two local experts in horticulture and conservation to give talks online |


The Group has its own website and Facebook pages:

Sid Valley Biodiversity | Facebook


The VGS pages has a few pieces from this year:

You searched for biodiversity group – Vision Group for Sidmouth


With further archive material courtesy of the Science Festival:

Biodiversity discussion – Cafe Scientifique – YouTube

Cafe Scientifique: Hedgerow survey | Sidmouth Science Festival

Biodiversity Special | Sidmouth Science Festival