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Sidmouth 2020

Welcome to the Sidmouth 2020 project


A project for today and tomorrow

Launched in March 2020, the Vision Group for Sidmouth initiated the ‘Sidmouth 202’0 project to look at what we can do today to try and build a more sustainable, more resilient Sid Valley over the coming decade:

The launch of the Sidmouth 2020 project

With the Herald piece here:

Sidmouth 2020 project looks to a sustainable future | Sidmouth Herald


A sustainable Sidmouth

Prof Evan Parker’s talk at the Science Festival’s virtual Café Scientifique in March looked at “New Thinking on Clean Growth – Transforming Sidmouth” and outlined several proposals to help create a more sustainable Sidmouth:

Creating a new Vision for Sidmouth

The VGS is currently exploring the viability of Prof Parker’s ideas: get in touch if you’d like to be involved.


Looking beyond the Coronavirus

These ideas and projects will help us prepare for life after the current crisis, as we need to be building a more sustainable and resilient society, economy and environment.

The news pages of the VGS website have featured regular pieces on the ‘bigger picture’ to give context to how we can think about managing our future beyond the coronavirus.


A Questionnaire for now and the future:

The VGS, together with the Town Council’s Environment Committee, produced a survey to ask people how they are managing in the current situation – and whether there might be lessons to carry over into the future:

Covid-19 in Sidmouth: What’s your experience?

These immediate responses should inform wherever and however we will need to go forward, as we feed into ideas and projects to help create a more resilient and sustainable Valley.

Here’s the questionnaire, the results and reports to view:

Learning from Lockdown


Finally, we mustn’t forget how beautiful East Devon is –  not to mention the ‘bigger picture’:


picture: Vision Group for Sidmouth