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Explore your area – and virtually too

  • by JW

Get to know the biodiversity in your back yard – and help “engage, educate and inform people about the natural world”.


We are allowed out to get some fresh air and exercise:

Coronavirus: Can you do outdoor sports while social distancing? |

Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK |


Especially at this time of year:

Devon In Spring | A view from a lay-by between Totnes and Ki… | Flickr


You can also explore where we are so lucky to live – virtually:

The NBN Atlas is an online tool that provides a platform to engage, educate and inform people about the natural world. It will help improve biodiversity knowledge, open up research possibilities and change the way environmental management is carried out in the UK.

The NBN Atlas is innovative because the combination of the multiple sources of information about UK species and habitats, and the ability to interrogate, combine, and analyse these data – in a single location – has not been done before, on this scale.  It aims to facilitate learning about and understanding the UK’s wildlife.


For example:

Showing records for: 1 Milford Rd, Sidmouth EX10 8DR, UK |


And if you are out and about – and see something, why not let the NBN people know?