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The Knowle in 2022

Previous information about the Knowle sale can be found here but all those plans came to nothing. We are now in a position where the site has been sold on and another company are trying to create some sort of older persons’ enclave.

Links to the earlier planning applications are refused in 2013 and approved on appeal in 2016

This new developer, McCarthy Stone, did a ‘consultation’ with residents of the town in the summer of 2022 and are doing another one now, end of Nov/beginning of Dec. It has not been very widely publicised so the real comments will probably come when the planning application is submitted, but if you would like to have your say now the consultation is here.

There is some coverage from the media to refer to: BREAKING: Knowle: new developer, new plans – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Although it is difficult to try to compare the current proposals with those which eventually were passed on appeal the information below may be helpful. Matching drawings to satellite images always results in a certain amount of imprecision so please accept all such images as approximate.

This is a Google maps image of the site

and this is the McCarthy Stone site outline.

McCarthy Stone say “Our updated proposals have evolved to respond to feedback received from the first round of consultation held in the Summer. Therefore, the updated masterplan demonstrates the following changes made to our proposals:”

Other interesting comments are :-

“The retention of the Ginko tree, and a commitment to relocate this to the public park at The Knowle, to ensure it remains protected and enjoyed by the whole community.” One wonders how something can be both retained and relocated?

“Proposals have been considered to provide a more legible route across the site for public access, whilst retaining resident privacy where possible.” Does this mean they are moving footpaths?

Images in the gallery below open in a larger format when clicked.

One of the biggest changes as far as traffic is concerned it that parking is now mainly on the south of the site and in the centre rather than on the east where the back entrance to the Knowle used to be. It seems inevitable that that will result in people using the lower, difficult, entrance to Knowle Drive which is already an accident black spot.

The number of affordable homes has been reduced but they have added 6 houses. What effect will the southern two houses have on the setting of the listed summerhouse?

Parking spaces have been increased but the Local Plan aims to discourage car use in favour of public transport.