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The launch of the Sidmouth 2020 project

The beginnings of the Sidmouth 2020 project


A project for today and tomorrow

Launched in March 2020, the Vision Group for Sidmouth has initiated the Sidmouth 2020 project to look at what we can do today to try and build a more sustainable, more resilient Sid Valley over the coming decade.


Local issues

Events to focus on specific issues were planned: one to look at how we can enhance local biodiversity; another to celebrate local food. Other events are in the pipeline – and do get in touch if you’d like to help out.


Working together

The VGS Sidmouth 2020 project is happening in parallel with the work of the Town Council’s own Environment Committee and the Science Festival’s Clean Growth project.

And the VGS project is very much about collaboration with others in the community, as this has to be the way forward today and in the coming years.


Looking ahead

Now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the events have had to be put on hold: they will either be put on-line or rescheduled to a time when it will be safe to hold meetings. More information at things develop.

However, meanwhile, plans and proposals are being put together by different parties, as we look to life after the Coronavirus