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Town Council Environment Committee’s new working group

  • by JW

Last week, the Town Council’s new Environment Committee met up for the third time:

Town Council Environment Committee

It’s already created its own policy document:

Sidmouth Environment Policy

And it’s forging ahead with further initiatives, including the setting up of a working group, headed by the chair and vice-chair of the Committee, plus the lead of the Science Festival:


Implementation Working Group

Link to the Sidmouth Town Council website

Members considered the proposal of the Vice Chair, Councillor Chris Lockyear, that in order to help achieve and deliver some of the objectives of the Environment Committee, a small Working Group be convened which could draw on specialist knowledge and skills as necessary. It was agreed that focussing simpler more easily achievable objectives would be a sensible approach for Working Group initially

RESOLVED: that a Working Group consisting of Councillor Denise Bickley, Councillor Chris Lockyear and Dave Bramley be formed to initially focus on the following two initiatives:
• Encouraging the Public to adopt 10 things you can do to help reduce your impact on climate change.
• Provision of Car and Bicycle charge points in the area.


Meanwhile, in parallel, the Science Festival is holding a series of events:

The Clean Growth project from the Science Festival