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Futures Forum Archive

This page was originally present on the Vision for Sidmouth site prior to 2018 and read

Futures Forum

The group offers a forum for discussion and debate to citizens concerned with the future of Sidmouth town, coast and valley.

The Group’s Aims

Futures Forum aims to gather and disseminate information and ideas, to complement the work of local government and promote social inclusion in the area.

In recent times the group has been involved in working in such diverse areas as –

  • the Local Development Framework, the production of which is driven by the national Government
  • a coastal management plan (Pathfinder)
  • Pennington Point and ways of addressing the rapid rock erosion there
  • Port Royal re-development
  • the re-development of the Fortfield Hotel site (now being replaced by an apartment building)
  • the Medical Centre in town (which needs urgent solutions to its space problems)
  • contributing to the production of the Sidmouth Town Plan
  • the proposal by the East Devon District Council of relocating from the Knowle to Honiton, and the future of the Knowle site.

East Devon Alliance

New East Devon pressure group formed.


  • EDDC – Moving and Improving – Communication Events – July 2012
  • EDDC Knowle Plans

Save Our Sidmouth

We have joined forces with the Sid Vale Association, the Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, the Sidmouth Hospitality Association to form Save our Sidmouth.

Port Royal

  • Sidmouth residents’ ideas for Port Royal
  • Community Engagement Brief

Neighbourhood Plan

  • Neighbourhood Plans and sustainable development


  • Persimmon, Sidmouth and “promoting well-designed housing…”

*Links have been removed in many cases:  you can use the website search function to find the new pages.*

The current Futures Forum information is here