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Sidmouth Environment Policy

  • by JW

Some great ideas are coming out of the Town Council’s new Environment Committee:

Going car-free

Celebrating apples


They will be meeting up again today – to consider a draft Environment Policy:


Sidmouth Town Council Environment Policy (Draft)


Sidmouth Town Council is committed to transforming Sidmouth into a cleaner and greener town and a more prosperous place to live and work. We commit to making Sidmouth a low carbon town and a healthy and active town – with a high quality built and natural environment.

Our Environmental Policy supports these goals. Through it, we will use our powers and influence to protect and enhance the environment, and make continual improvement in our own environmental performance, as set out below.


Natural and Built Environment

  • Protect, and where possible enhance, the designated green spaces and corridors, conservation areas, and views, as laid out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Support and encourage the creation of a sustainable built environment through the planning process

  • Consider impact on biodiversity and sustainability of the management and use of the Sidmouth Town Council estate

Low Carbon Town

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Sidmouth Town Council activities year on year until carbon neutrality is achieved and promote the same in the community
  • Support the appropriate generation and use of renewable and low carbon energy
  • Encourage use of public and shared transport, bicycles, and walking for both residents and visitors by provision, or promotion with others, of appropriate assets


  • Practice recovery, reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling in Sidmouth Town Council’s activities and promote the same in the community
  • Preferentially engage local contractors who demonstrate alignment to the Sidmouth Town Council’s Environmental Policy
  • Consider the impact of future climate change, such as sea level rise, intensity of storms, and drought, on all decisions


  • Inform and engage Sidmouth’s residents and businesses of the Council’s environmental activities, and respond and react to feedback
  • Support individual, business, charity, and event organiser behaviour change and adoption of low environmental impact practices
  • Set biannual targets and report on progress, undertaking periodic audits of the Sidmouth Town Council’s environmental management system. | Environment_Agenda |_300919.pdf


The Vision Group will be addressing the Committee tomorrow.

Here are some notes:

STC Environment Cttee – mon 30sep19 – vgs paper – notes v3