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Has anyone got an old rowing boat to donate?

  • by JW

The Herald reports on Sidmouth in Bloom appealing for an old boat:


Sidmouth’s ‘iconic’ beach boat needs urgent replacement

An ‘iconic’ boat that has proven a photographic centre piece on Sidmouth beach is in urgent need of replacing.

The rowing boat was installed in 2013 and has acted as a barrier to protect Sidmouth in Bloom’s beach garden, enduring years of rough weather, before being demolished in a recent stormy spell.

Lynette Talbot, chairman of the group, said: “The boat on the beach has been a great source of inspiration for budding photographers and its image has won awards for them. The beach garden is an important ecological site to help endangered plants to survive and the boat enhances the site.”

Email or phone Lynette on 01395 578081 if you can help.


Sidmouth’s ‘iconic’ beach boat needs urgent replacement