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A new vision for the future of farming

  • by JW

The new government’s new “vision for future farming” strikes a bold direction:


A vision for future farming

Theresa Villiers’ speech to Oxford Farming Conference – January 8 2020

A vision for future farming as we tackle the challenges of climate change and nature recovery

Leading Defra to put farming at the heart of tackling the twin climate and nature crisis

A vision for future farming |


And on the basis of that, the government has introduced “landmark legislation” to “provide a boost to the industry after years of inefficient and overly bureaucratic policy dictated to farmers by the EU”:

Agriculture Bill to boost environment and food production |


The national and international press has responded in all sorts of different and perhaps contradictory ways:

Agriculture Bill: Soil at heart of UK farm grant revolution |

Food security plan after Brexit: biggest shake-up to farming in 40 years |

EU farming subsidies to be replaced by fund linked to efforts to combat climate change, Theresa Villiers to announce |

New UK farming bill guarantees subsidies for 2020 |


Here on the other hand is a very helpful overview from a local paper:

New laws to reward farmers for boosting wildlife and tackling climate change |


picture: 20181114-FPAC-LSC-0461 | Aerial view of Carlos Gonzalez Torr… | Flickr