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A seagrass or kelp project for Lyme Bay?

  • by JW

Seagrass beds: home to seahorses, pipefish and scallops, and a highly effective carbon sink [Guardian]

“How to Start a Kelp Farm” – inspired by the wave of interest and commitment of the next generation of ocean farmers. [Greenwave]


We need to be looking after our kelp and seagrass: Restoring kelp beds along the English Channel – Vision Group for Sidmouth and Restoring the South West’s seagrass – Vision Group for Sidmouth

This is the latest discovery in the South West: 

One of the largest seagrass beds in the UK, home to seahorses, pipefish and scallops and a highly effective carbon sink, has been identified off the south coast of Cornwall. An acoustic study of St Austell Bay carried out by a survey boat pinpointed 359 hectares (887 acres) of seagrass hugging the coastline, and divers sent in to examine the site close up recorded 56 species living in the rich habitat. Cornwall Wildlife Trust described it as a hugely positive find but said work was needed to protect the bed and further surveys should be carried out to find out if there were other beds in nearby areas. One of UK’s largest seagrass beds discovered off Cornwall | Cornwall | The Guardian

But it’s not just looking after our carbon sinks and marine eco systems. There are also opportunities for regenerative ocean farming: GreenWave

Here’s a guide: How to Start a Kelp Farm — GreenWave – also to watch: How To Start a Kelp Farm: Guided Course & Community on Vimeo

With more inspiration here:

“How to Start a Kelp Farm” is the first training series of its kind offered by GreenWave, drawing in more than 840 prospective farmers who participated in live sessions and tuned in asynchronously. GreenWave is inspired by the wave of interest and commitment of this next generation of ocean farmers. Stay tuned for information on upcoming GreenWave trainings. How to Start a Kelp Farm: Kickstarting the Next Generation of Ocean Farmers — GreenWave

And here:

Are Underwater Farms the Future of Food? | Our Frozen Planet I BBC Earth – YouTube

But it’s been growing for some time: Meet the ‘star ingredient’ changing fortunes in Alaska’s waters: seaweed | Alaska | The Guardian

Would it be something for Lyme Bay? A seagrass project for Lyme Bay? – Vision Group for Sidmouth and Could seaweed become a major part of the economy of the South West? – Vision Group for Sidmouth