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An e-delivery service launches in Exmouth

  • by JW

… as ExeCargo


Sidmouth has been looking at an e-trike service of some sort – and whether it should be a delivery service and/or a passenger service:

E-trikes for Sidmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Should Sidmouth have its own e-trike service? Press reports – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Last month, Sidmouth reps met up with the Exmouth group, to see how their e-delivery service trial is going:

Ecargobike Webinar


With the latest in the Transition Exmouth’s newsletter just out:


All Go Go Go for ExeCargo eCargoBike delivery project!

Exmouth Cycles have rented us an ecargo bike for a 3 month trial period at a special Climate Action reduced rate. Thanks to Andy and the Exmouth Cycles team  this project is setting up much faster than if we’d had to add to our Transition Bounce Forward £500 grant.

A starter team of wonderful volunteers (thanks to Tom, Grant, Adrian,Joanna and James)  will be making the deliveries. We are especially pleased to introduce Thomas Wheeler, who is the primary volunteer rider and logistics lead for the bike. Thomas has been a huge help in setting up the service, and he aims to turn it into a full time job at the end of the trial period.  Originally planning on starting up his own delivery business with similar goals to our own project, Thomas has kindly joined ranks with Transition Exmouth, bringing with him, amongst other things, a website designed for a delivery service and importantly, lots of enthusiasm and skill on the bike.   Execargo will become at least one full time job, with volunteers continuing to help out, generating funds for our own ecargobike crowdfunder.   

ExeCargo logos and branding designed by Jess Pearson has been funded by Exmouth Town Council as part of their commitment to climate action.  Copyrite have kindly given us a special price on our flags as their way of supporting the project.  Bike branding will happen next week – keep your eye on our social media for photos !

We have decided to walk before we can run and are starting with a “soft launch” – bringing in businesses gradually so we can test the logistics, bike and services as we go. We are pleased to report that, in just 4 days of operation, we have already saved our first 10,000 grams of CO2! We are currently making deliveries for Mother Earth, Deli on the Strand and Truly Scumptious, who all kindly offered to be guinea pigs for the initial our trial period.   If you’re a local business and would like to be involved please contact us

As we roll the service out, local businesses will be offered free deliveries initially, then prices per delivery starting from just £2.  We will also be offering a “Shop and Drop” service for customers – we will do your shopping at local businesses,  then drop your shop to your door.   We are in discussion with Exmouth Propeller about linking Execargo with their Ordaloca website – watch this space !

If you’d like to know more about ecargobikes and the way they are revolutionising deliveries across the UK , there’s a brilliant Green Transport Recovery webinar featuring Exeter’s Co-Delivery .  We’ve had some inspiring discussions with them and are looking forward to working with them in future. 

So keep your eye out for the bike when out and about in Exmouth, and wave to Thomas and the team as they whizz by!  And remember,  shop local… and if you can’t get to the shops – we can ExeCarGO for you!

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