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  • by JW

Tomorrow, the SVA is putting on an exhibition at Kennaway House – which will include a look at the current status of the Beach Management Plan:

The Lost Cliffs of Sidmouth > Exhibition


With more from the Herald:


Tumbling cliffs and shifting beaches theme of new exhibition

Sidmouth’s eroding cliffs throughout the centuries are the centre of a new exhibition.

The Sid Vale Association has organised the event following last year’s successful display on Sidmouth’s floods and focuses the exhibition on cliff erosion at Pennington Point and East Beach.

Photographs from as early as the 1860s will be on display, alongside computer generated images, models, geological specimens and scientific and historical articles about Sidmouth’s coast.

Visitors will be able to speak to geologists, historians and members of the Beach Management Plan steering group and view the proposed plan on Saturday, July 20…

Tumbling cliffs and shifting beaches theme of new exhibition


For some context, something from the Futures Forum archives, from October 2015, looking at the options:



Sidmouth Beach Management Plan… 

Chairman of Sidmouth Beach Management Plan denies project issues     Second article on the page


Meanwhile, back in July 2019, the issue is being politicised:

East Devon MP calls for action on Sidmouth’s Beach Management Plan