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big butterfly count 2019 results: a good year

  • by JW

It was a very good year for the Painted Lady:



Free photo Butterfly Day Insect Antennae The Painted Lady – Max Pixel


As reported by Butterfly Conservation:


A Smashing Summer

More than a million butterflies were counted and logged by Big Butterfly Count participants this summer. The full results have been published this week, revealing which species were seen.

The mass migration of Painted Ladies saw this butterfly rise up the ranks to become the most seen species of 2019’s count. The iconic Peacock butterfly also had a good year, securing a solid second place.

It wasn’t such good news for our blue butterflies, with sightings of the Common and Holly Blue both down on last year.

Discover how what you saw compares with the butterflies spotted by others across the UK.


big butterfly count 2019 results


And as reported across the media today:

Unusually high number of painted lady butterflies migrated to UK in 2019, survey finds | Independent

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Although it’s a problem in Iowa:

Painted Lady Butterflies Becoming Problematic for Soybean Fields