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BREAKING: East Devon rejects Greater Exeter Strategic Plan

  • by JW

The vote to withdraw from the GESP is carried 33 for 22 against.


Mid Devon’s cabinet has recommended that their council drops out of the GESP:

Mid Devon set to reject Greater Exeter Strategic Plan: analysis – Vision Group for Sidmouth

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And a fortnight ago, East Devon’s strategic planning committee did the same:

East Devon set to reject Greater Exeter Strategic Plan – analysis – Vision Group for Sidmouth

This evening, the full East Devon council voted to leave the GESP:

The vote to withdraw from the GESP was carried 33 for 22 against, with one formal abstention and three absences. 

The item councillors voted on was the recommendation from the strategic planning committee:

That the Strategic Planning Committee recommend to Full Council:
 To notify our district partners that we are withdrawing from the GESP;
 In that letter we offer assurance that we will fulfil our duty to co-operate in an ongoing and positive partnership;
 That this council immediately begins the process to renew our local plan and that the Strategic Planning Committee meets as soon as possible to explore and define the processes involved. planning committee:


The event can be watched in full, with the item starting at 40 minutes and the vote being taken at about an hour and 10 minutes into the meeting:

This meeting is being recorded by EDDC for subsequent publication on the Council’s website and will be streamed live to the Council’s Youtube Channel at:

East Devon District Council – YouTube

Agenda frontsheet 20th-Aug-2020 18.00 Council.pdf