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Build back better: lessons from the pandemic

  • by JW

… a minimum income guarantee … gig economy workers … the self-employed … mental health


Here’s a list of provocative articles from the NEF’s output this year, focussing on how we could be dealing with the pandemic:


A safety net for all
Lockdown and the pandemic have pushed record numbers of people onto universal credit. Instead of relying on our threadbare social security system, Sarah Arnold wrote about how a minimum income guarantee would make sure no one falls through the gaps.

Self-isolation is a luxury that gig economy workers can ill afford
This year we’ve been told to stay home to limit the spread of coronavirus. But for insecure workers, like those working in the gig economy, this may not be an option, wrote Aidan Harper in the Guardian.

How the government abandoned the self-employed
After years of allowing self-employment to replace secure and well-paid work, the government promptly abandoned the self-employed during this crisis. For the millions left behind, it’s time to organise for better, wrote Emily Scurrah in Tribune.

Awareness of what?
For Mental Health Awareness Week, Jake Mills of Chasing the Stigma wrote about the national crisis that lies beneath the social media veneer of ‘mental health awareness’. This piece also appeared in the latest issue of the New Economics Zine.

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