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Building a garden pond to help us cope

  • by JW

… and a Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly comes to visit


One of the most helpful ways to improve biodiversity in your back yard is to build a pond:

Ideas on how the Sid Valley can enhance its biodiversity – Vision Group for Sidmouth


And a charming piece in the Herald tells how the building of a pond has also helped to improve wellbeing.


Wildlife pond provides natural therapy during lockdown

A Sidmouth couple have created a mini wildlife haven in their garden by building a ‘lockdown pond’.

Simon Greenslade, who runs the Humbug gift shop in Sidmouth, made the pond for his wife Karen, who suffers from ME and was already virtually housebound before the Covid-19 restrictions came in.

She said: “We have been meaning to build a wildlife pond for a while, and as our shop has been closed due to the coronavirus, it was the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Mrs Greenslade said she was aware that many people have been struggling mentally with all the stress of the coronavirus, among other things, and would be interested to hear whether building a garden pond and attracting wildlife has helped others to cope.

Sidmouth couple create wildlife haven in lockdown pond | Sidmouth Herald


This photo was taken by Karen of a female Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly, usually found by running water, and  is reproduced with permission: