Can we be doing more to help the homeless in East Devon?

We’ve got a growing problem with homelessness:

Homelessness in East Devon rises dramatically to ‘unprecedented’ levels

This is something people privately are trying to help with:

Gateway Homelessness Action Group

As is the local authority:

Spike in homelessness in East Devon prompts District Council to take urgent action

There have been complaints about a long-term homeless person who’s been living in his car on the seafront in Sidmouth, as reported by Devon Live today:

Homeless man making threats from car is upsetting seaside town

But should it be a police problem?

Why You Should Think Twice About Calling the Police on Homeless People

Or should it be a housing problem – to be worked on by the council?

Referring a rough sleeper

Homelessness and rough sleeper strategy

Housing options and prevention of homelessness –

In urgent housing need? –
The District Council has been doing its bit:   East Devon Conservatives: Homing in on Homelessness

But can we be doing more than we are…?

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