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Championing rural issues

  • by JW

And challenging Westminster about “Winning the Rural Vote”


The Rural Services Network is a ‘national champion’ on rural issues – and currently has several campaigns on the go.

There is its urgent call for fair funding amidst deep cuts:

In a determined Westminster Hall debate last week on Government Funding for Local Authorities, concerns were sharply voiced regarding the financial sustainability of rural councils, particularly highlighted by Helen Morgan, MP for North Shropshire. The focus was squarely on the pressing issues in rural areas where drastic budget cuts are threatening the very fabric of community services.

Stressing the urgent need for a revision in how rural funding is allocated. She posed a critical question to the government: “Does the Minister agree that rural councils are in danger of delivering nothing more than statutory services if things continue?”

Which is part of its push for fairer funding for rural councils Amidst the urban financial crises – Rural Services Network:

Rural councils across the UK are facing increasing financial strain, as demonstrated by the alarming trend of selling public assets to cover revenue shortfalls. A recent BBC report reveals the extent to which some councils are resorting to selling off heritage sites, car parks, and even libraries to keep their budgets afloat. While the report primarily focuses on urban councils, rural councils often face even greater financial challenges.

And it’s just held a seminar on Strengthening Rural Economies:

Last week, we hosted an engaging seminar on Rural Economies for our members. This event, featured expert speakers who discussed key issues affecting rural communities in the UK, sparking engaging and insightful discussions

More here on their Home Page – Rural Services Network – as they challenge Westminster further about Winning the Rural Vote