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Clap for Carers this Friday night

  • by JW

Showing appreciation for our key workers.


There’s quite a list of key workers:

Key worker: official list of UK personnel who can still send children to school |

And that includes the bin men and women who were out in force today in Sidmouth – people we always expect to be there:

When is my bin collected? –

And the police who we have to rely on to ensure social distancing happens:

Coronavirus rule breakers face arrest and large fines as UK is put into lockdown |

And the nurses whose services we desperately need – and who we very much take for granted:

NHS nurses battling coronavirus say they have been forced to treat patients without masks due to shortage |


And yet all of these are low-paid – and considered ‘low-skilled’:

10 ‘key’ coronavirus workers who earn so little they were deemed low-skilled by the government just 4 weeks ago |


Make some noise on Friday: