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Climate Change and Sidmouth

  • by JW

… a prognosis


Yesterday saw Prof Brian Golding address the monthly Café Scientifique run by the Science Festival:

Café Scientifique: Our Fragile Earth


He looked at how we got to where we are today – much of which is summarised here in a report he put together for the Vision Group:

A history of climate change: Prof Brian Golding


And what about Sidmouth in particular?

sidmouth _ MattJP _ Flickr


Prof Golding also looked at where we might be going here in the Sid Valley…

Here is the script of that section of yesterday’s talk, reproduced with kind permission:


Climate Change and Sidmouth

Winter: frost will become rarer, leading to more overwintering of pests. Rain will become heavier, increasing the risk to transport links from floods and landslides.  Snow will still occur in cold spells, especially on the hills. Winter will still be the peak season for deaths.

Summer: thunderstorms will become heavier, increasing the risk of drains & streams overflowing, leading to more flooding in the valley. Summer temperatures will rise as the sea temperature rises. Dry spells will become hotter and longer, possibly leading to water supply problems. Dangerous heat will remain rare, especially near the sea

Cloud, sunshine and wind will remain highly variable depending on the tracks of Atlantic storms

Coastal erosion: rising sea level will increase beach & cliff erosion. A higher wall will be needed on the Esplanade by 2100.

External risks: food security, epidemics, migration.