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Climate change and water

  • by JW

The increasing appreciation of the importance of water.


There has been a fascinating series on BBC Four on the molecule that supports all life – with the last episode this week looking at the issues and possible solutions:

Crisis H2O: The Molecule That Made Us Series 1 Episode 3 of 3

Gaza is a microcosm of a world without access to water. As the planet heats up, droughts may have become more commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that water is disappearing. Storm chasers and photographers track the global changes in giant storms and floods across America. Nasa’s Grace satellites reveal a new map showing global overuse of aquifers. In some places, underground water is being ‘mined’ – finite reserves, which are being used up for profit.

But there are solutions too. New York City uses nature and the Catskill mountains instead of an industrial plant for water treatment, demonstrating a collective appreciation for the importance of water.

BBC Four – H2O: The Molecule That Made Us, Series 1, Crisis


The wider media is increasingly interested in the climate and water:

The instabilities of climate change have arrived – The Washington Post

Scorching and surrounded by water, Singapore is on climate’s front lines |

Global water crisis will intensify with climate breakdown, says report | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Climate change is straining Philly’s 19th-century sewage system. Ida was a ‘wake-up call.’


In these parts issues around water are on the increase:

The South West is running out of water – Vision Group for Sidmouth


But it’s increasing conflicts over water which are perhaps cause for most alarm, as covered over the years in the Futures Forum blog:

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