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Cranbrook expansion plans

  • by JW

The three new District Councillors from Cranbrook are independents

Results of District Council elections

– and are clearly not big fans of ‘development’:

Three new district councillors for Cranbrook | Midweek Herald

Plans for a huge amount of new development at Cranbrook have just been unveiled – courtesy of Daniel Clark:

REVEALED: Plans for the next phase of Cranbrook

Cranbrook is getting BIGGER – as 930 new homes planned – Devon Live

The question is how easily these new plans will make their way through the new Council:

All change at the District Council?

As posed by the EDW blog:

Cranbrook to get massively BIGGER – first planning test for no-overall-control council

The current development at Cranbrook simply amounts to a lot of housing estates without a town: as yet.
‘The proposals for the Bluehayes site would also see a primary school, sport and recreational facilities, community uses, green infrastructure, as well as a mixed use area of shops, food and drink and professional services built.’ and and a town centre is also mentioned ‘“The proposals will also help deliver the vision for Cranbrook and underpin the planning and delivery of infrastructure and the town centre.” However, how would a new town centre perform?

“Cranbrook is experiencing the same issues as other high streets” > but the new town can’t apply for Future High Streets funding… because it hasn’t got a high street

Thousands of new housing at Cranbrook – and still the District Council says “it is a it is a difficult and uncertain time to be planning a new town centre”

See the Futures Forum for more on the history of development at Cranbrook:

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