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Cutting the cost of cooking

  • by JW

Oven vs microwave…


As the Times money pages said recently, the cost of living may be easing but food prices are still up almost 10% compared to last year. And so they asked and offered: Why are UK food prices so high? How to cut costs

Another aspect of food is how we cook it – and how to cut the cost of cooking up to 28% as we head into winter. There are some excellent energy saving recipes for the kitchen just out from Smart Energy GB and Energy Saving Trust – who have teamed up with the Michelin-trained Chef, Poppy O’Toole “to help Brits cook more consciously this winter”.

And the BBC have a similar list of “priceless tips for reducing cooking costs“.

Meanwhile, it is quite handy to know how much it costs to run different cooking appliances. Last year, Iceland and Utilita launched cost cutting workshops and said people can save money by microwave cooking – rather than by using a conventional oven. 

Vegetarian and vegan eating can also save money: Did going vegan for a month save me money? – BBC Food. But not necessarily: Sales at vegan burger maker Beyond Meat fall by almost a third | Food & drink industry | The Guardian

Finally, it seems that our food system is racking up $10 trillion in hidden costs, as reported last month:

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s report, the State of Food and Agriculture 2023, attempts to value these things properly and reaches a staggering conclusion: the hidden costs in our global agrifood system are at least $10 trillion. That’s around 10% of global gross domestic product every year. 

Our report uses what is known as true cost accounting to assess the overall scale of hidden costs. It is the first study to do this at a national level for 154 countries, enabling comparisons and paving the way for country-specific solutions.