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Dramatic changes in the food industry

  • by JW

Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends and forces.


How we are getting our food has changed dramatically these last weeks.

What Covid-19 has taught us about food – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Here’s the opening of an overview of how things will probably develop over the coming weeks in this “quick and witty review of the grocery world developments, with a special focus on the United Kingdom”:


Ten Pointers About the Food Chain Post-Covid

Reducing choice to optimise supply chain and deliver at minimum overhead costs. Selling wholesale products was the attempt of Sainsbury’s to stock tomato sauce when consumers where panic buying.

We don’t usually reach for a quote from Lenin to kick-off a blog but, in a pensive moment, Vladimir Ilyich mused “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen”. Ten weeks of lockdown, with travel limited to a walk to the end of the garden, has given us lots of time to read and observe what’s happening in the world of food business. Our conclusion is that Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends and forces, so, buckle your seat belts and keep a weather eye. We’re going to try our best to give you a list of pointers on the outcome of the pandemic and how it has and will affect the agribusiness and food industry. 

Here goes… 

3. The biggest impact by far of Covid-19 will be its dreadful legacy of reduced household incomes for the large majority

4. Longer-term changes in food shopping and eating out post-Covid…

9. Food security concerns elevated…