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Ensuring food security

  • by JW

“The world has turned from an era of food abundance to one of food scarcity.”

‘The Backyard Miracle Farm’ – The Full Review


A correspondent has pointed to a couple of US websites which offer lots of resources and lots of informed opinion on “progressive gardening” and “climate policy”:

Progressive Gardening

Climate Policy Watcher

Here are a couple of examples:

Building A Block House – Farm Devices – Progressive Gardening

Biological Removal of Phosphorus – Wastewater Treatment

A 200Year Perspective of Climate Variability and the Response of White Spruce in Interior Alaska – Climate Variability

Rainfall Patterns – Global Climate – Climate Policy Watcher

Both the Progressive Gardening and Climate Policy Watcher blogs have reviewed a product which promises a ‘self-replenishing food system’ – and which our correspondent points to in particular “as something there might be that we could adapt and run with”:

The Backyard Miracle Farm– The Full Review

The world has turned from an era of food abundance to one of food scarcity. The worst part is that food is one of the necessities that communities cannot do without. Most of us take food for granted thinking that it will be available forever…

Faced with the challenge of feeding his family, the author started asking himself questions about what he is going to do once all the flood is gone. He began searching for alternatives…

This program is a step-by-step guide, showing you exactly how to create your own “miracle farm” and survive through the toughest conditions. The system was specifically designed to be used by anyone, including those who have no experience in building. In addition to that, the cost of materials needed for this system is affordable, which means that anyone can create this solution to secure the safety of their family. In his video guide, the author has described 11 steps, that help users of this guide to effectively create their own system and get it up and running in no time. The 11 steps to creating the “Backyard Miracle Farm” are as follows…

Miracle Farm Blueprint Full Review 2021 and Special Offer

Miracle Farm Blueprint Reviews-MUST READ! User Experience!

It is, indeed, all about food security:

How to create a sustainable food system: an analysis – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Local food: local resilience to global risk – Vision Group for Sidmouth

In My Back Yard: new East Devon food network – Vision Group for Sidmouth