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Ethical shopping in Sidmouth

  • by JW

… is on the increase, as it is everywhere


On the one hand, today, the shape of society is largely determined by the shopping decisions we make:

When Did We Stop Being ‘Citizens’ And Become ‘Consumers’? |

On the other, our own individual identities are also determined by the same decisions:

Jane Fonda Bragging About ‘Ethically Harvested’ And ‘Sustainable’ Jewelry Sparks Mockery |


“Ethical shopping” has, then, become a very big thing.

A quarter of UK consumers vow to shop more sustainably in 2020 |


The Sidmouth Nub News pages have been looking at it today:

Sidmouth Co-op to remove all non-recyclable plastic packaging

Sidmouth’s eco-friendly businesses – according to our readers


Back to diamonds and such things, all mined at a safe distance:

Futures Forum: Conflict minerals in your gadgetry > the blood and sweat in phones and batteries

Futures Forum: The impacts of the mining industries