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Exeter project to fill Food Banks nominated for national award

  • by JW

From Radio Exe:


National recognition for Exeter teenagers

13 people have tripled donations to the Exeter Foodbank


Matt Turner, 16, one of the young people involved in the project, said: “We realised that it wasn’t until people had finished their shopping and were leaving the store that they noticed the Foodbank bin – too late for them to buy something.

“So, we approached Sainsbury’s in the Guildhall and asked if we could design some small stickers to place on the shelves beside those items which are needed most by the Foodbank.”

And Sainsbury’s say they are already seeing an increase in donations. A spokesperson said: ‘We think it is a fantastic idea, we have certainly seen an increase in donations since the stickers have been put on the shelves. It is great to see young people taking on something like this and is good for our city. We are now discussing plans to implement this genius idea in all Sainsbury’s stores across the country”

The project has been nominated for a national NCS award. Full details, and how to nominate them, can be found here:  Nominate Here


National recognition for Exeter teenagers