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Extinction Britain: State of Nature report 2019

  • by JW

Earlier this evening, Channel Four news lead with a startling piece:

Extinction Britain: Wildlife survey exposes shocking decline in animals


Indeed, across the media, there has been intense interest:

UK is in danger of losing a quarter of its mammal population, major wildlife report says | Telegraph

More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction | BBC


This is the State of Nature report 2019:

Butterflies fluttering, a kittiwake diving into ice-blue waves and the sweet song of skylarks first thing in the morning. These sights and sounds are becoming even rarer with 41 per cent of species in decline since 1970. We need to act now to stop this loss, creating more homes for wildlife and calling on governments to introduce stronger environmental protections.

Read the full State of Nature report



As shown in this infographic: