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Free/low-cost energy saving improvements

  • by JW

Solar panel grants and funding available. [Devon]


There are schemes out there to help low-income households cut down on energy bills.

The District Council is offering funding for energy efficiency measures in East Devon; and the County Council have been inviting lower-income households to apply for free energy efficiency improvements [link works] to their homes.

In particular, there is substantial help on solar panel grants and funding – with this handy guide:

Using energy from solar panels can save you money in the long run and benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions. One common hurdle for homeowners, though,  are the perceived high installation costs. Many people assume they can’t afford to have solar panels installed on their home. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the average cost of solar panels, as well as how long it takes to see a return on your investment, but our focus here are solar panel grants and funding available in the UK.

The Independent has another excellent guide on solar panel grants – and what UK schemes are available:

These grants, designed to alleviate the initial expense of solar panels, have emerged as a significant lifeline for those looking to harness the sun’s power. By offsetting the cost, grants make it feasible for homeowners to integrate photovoltaic technology into their homes. This move taps into the boundless potential of solar power and signifies a step away from our dependence on environmentally harmful energy sources.

Our experts examine the latest government grants, such as the ECO4 scheme, answering all your questions, including:

  • Can a grant significantly decrease the cost of solar panels?
  • Do I qualify, and is the application process straightforward?
  • How soon will my solar panels be installed? 

We also look at the availability of other options to help fund your solar panel installation, ensuring you have all the information needed to capture the sun’s potential and reduce your energy bills.