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How cooking differently can reduce our energy bills

  • by JW

… and our CO2 emissions


Here are some great recommendations about how changing our ‘cooking behaviours’ can also save us a bit of money – and they are all from during the pandemic from two years ago:

ignoring recommendations on best-before and use-by labels and piling less food on to plates…

cooking from scratch… and eating more family meals together

Brits cut food waste with ‘lockdown larders’ during coronavirus pandemic | Food | The Guardian

There are more such ‘behaviours’ looked at in research from Iceland and Utilita:

 As well as showing the differences in the cost of running an oven or microwave, the findings also suggest that certain ‘cooking behaviours’ are adding hundreds of pounds to people’s bills every year.

For households looking to save money on their energy bills, the research suggests a microwave could be the most economical option, costing 8p a day to run, equating to 58p a week, just £2.50 a month and £30 a year.

Utilita suggests that using energy efficient appliances while cooking could help people save £287 a year. Batch cooking, the research claims, could help households shave off £158 a year from their bills, while using the correct-sized pan with a lid could also help people save £72 a year. The research also claims that people can save £68 a year by simmering rather than boiling food while cooking. Avoiding overfilling the kettle can also help people reduce their bills by about £19 a year, it adds.

Iceland and Utilita launch cost cutting workshops and say people can save money by microwave cooking | This is Money

With a chart from Utilita reproduced by the Mail here:

Save Energy | Utilita Energy

With a video from the two here:

‘We’ve found that the average family can save over £600 a year just by switching to low energy usage appliances.’

Iceland Foods and Utilita Energy launch an initiative to combat rising food costs – YouTube

And with more practical help here:

Get useful advice, and answers to the questions from other community members when you need it. It’s a place for you to share your own knowledge and experiences.

Utilita Community

Interestingly, it’s an issue being highlighted across the world – including India:

Towards Universal Access to Clean Cooking Fuels and Technologies: The Role of Policy, National Incomes, and Social Behaviour | ORF

With more practical help here:

SolarPunk and community larders – doing it locally – Sidmouth Solarpunk

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