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How established businesses are reducing their impact on the planet

  • by JW

What our biggest (and smallest) companies are doing.


How can we be both business-minded and green?

In the first in this series, we looked at very specific things which can be done when setting up an enterprise – which can also ‘save the planet’:

How to help the environment through your new business – Vision Group for Sidmouth

In the next part, we ask:

Part two: “What can established business do to reduce their impact on the planet?”

There’s a new radio show which looks at what up-and-running companies are already doing:

BBC Radio 5 live – The Big Green Money Show, Deborah introduces The Big Green Money Show.

Welcome to the The Big Green Money Show! Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden is on a mission to find out what our biggest (and smallest) companies are doing to reduce their impact on the planet.

BBC Radio 5 live – The Big Green Money Show

And there are some meaty shows:

The Big Green Money Show – Can flying ever be green? With EasyJet CEO – BBC Sounds

BBC Radio 5 live – The Big Green Money Show, Are we ready for EV’s? With Vauxhall’s UK MD

The programme also looks at what consumers can do when they make choices.

In this part of the world, there are several businesses which are clearly helping us to reduce our impact on the planet – including a winner of the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards:

The Champions Awards 2021: a profile of FillFull – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

And there are other inspirational businesses coming up with innovative solutions and great products – for example:

The award-winning Two Drifters Brewery is Britain’s first carbon-negative distillery & brewery started by Russ and Gemma – husband and wife. Their beer and rum are suitable for vegans and are as good for the planet as they are on your taste buds. Their delicious rum is sustainable & is priced competitively so that consumers do not need to pay more or compromise on taste when choosing to buy sustainably produced rum!

7 of Devon’s Most Unique Eco-Friendly Businesses – The Devon Card

With a lot more here:

50 Devon and Cornwall businesses that are doing their bit to save the planet – Devon Live