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How the rural sector can look forward

  • by JW

Opportunities and risks.


As the consultants Strutt & Parker suggest, there are all sorts of opportunities and risks for the rural sector in 2024 – from the rate of change speeding up to ‘lucrative opportunities in the renewable energy sector’.

Indeed, the theme always seems to be how greater diversity will help the rural sector to thrive – as it’s about being ‘innovative’ and very much looking forward to the future.

Whilst the government has just published the details of its Environmental land management payments for farmers, and whilst Labour sets a 50% British food pledge to woo farmers – the NFU has put together it’s ‘manifesto’ Farming for Britain’s Future:

Our general election manifesto – Farming for Britain’s Future – outlines our key asks of the next government to ensure farmers and growers can continue to deliver for the environment, economy and local communities while producing more of the great British food we all enjoy.

Britain’s farmers and growers produce high quality, climate-friendly food, fuel, fibre and flowers while maintaining and enhancing our beautiful countryside, protecting some of our most valuable natural assets and providing the foundation for the country’s largest manufacturing sector, food and drink.

We need politicians to work with us so we can fulfil our potential and continue to farm for Britain’s future. Read Farming for Britain’s Future – The NFU 2024 General Election Manifesto Below you can take a look in more detail at some of our key asks and find out why they are needed and what they can deliver for the country…

Of course, ‘rural’ means more than ‘farming’ – with property consultants Savills providing their 2024 cross-sector UK forecasts, the new Royal Countryside Fund looking to 2024 and ‘a real future for rural Britain’, and, finally, the Rural Services Network providing all sorts of insights into how the rural sector can look forward…