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How the world of work is changing

  • by JW

… in Devon?

Today’s radio gave an interesting look at how ‘gamification’ is pervading our workplaces:

Amazon workers pack boxes while a virtual car races across their screen. The faster they pack, the faster the car – and if they beat their co-workers, they rise to the top of the leaderboard. Truck drivers are measured for compliance with company driving standards, and can see in real time how they are performing against colleagues. But is any of this actually fun? And who said work was supposed to be fun anyway? BBC Radio 4 – Gamification

This is just one of the current discussions on how we work today.

There is also the debate on a shorter working week: Achieving a shorter working week across Europe | New Economics Foundation and Home – The European Work-time Network

As well as WFH: Working from home – working from the seaside – Vision Group for Sidmouth

In fact, there’s a huge amount of change happening in the world of work:

Recent headlines have the world of work wondering what’s next: Productivity is slumping, the labor force participation rate continues to shrink, and workers are “quiet quitting” in droves. Yet clients, customers, and shareholders still expect extraordinary service, lightning-fast response times, and financial returns. Old-fashioned management is failing to reverse the productivity slump. It’s time to ‘grownupify’ work | Fortune

And how are these playing out in this part of the world? Here are a couple of recent considerations of that:

The West of East Devon: Redefining how we work and live well

22million British workers are considering a change of jobs this year – Devon Live