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How to create a successful food business

  • by JW

… ideas to help get past those struggles…

How to launch a hospitality business in an economic downturn…


Last month, there were several pieces featured on these pages looking at starting up a business, including:

Tips and resources to help you take your first steps towards ECOpreneurship!

How to help the environment through your new business – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Looking at one particular business, it’s particularly hard for the hospitality industry at the moment – with lots of people quitting for all sorts of reasons:

The ‘great resignation’ may be here to stay – Vision Group for Sidmouth

One way to enter the industry might be to go it alone and keep it small – and there’s a lot of advice about:

How to Start and Run a One-Person Business –

The VGS has just been sent this set of ideas for getting into the hospitality industry:

Top 20 Food Business ideas You Can Start in 2022

Starting up a business is the best way to get out of the rat race and into being your own boss. But when it comes to the food industry, there are many things that can go wrong. Even before the pandemic, restaurant owners were finding it difficult to fill chef spaces.

But since COVID became a worldwide problem, this situation has become worse. The shutting down of social places meant that long-time workers in the food business have swapped to new job roles.

Don’t let this doom and gloom put you off, though, as we have some amazing ideas to help you get past these struggles and create a successful food business in 2022! If you keep your business small before you try reaching for the stars, you will be more likely to push through those barriers.

If you already have a business idea in mind, these additional options should tell you if a separate idea is more plausible. If you were thinking of making a sandwich shop, knowing that trucks are hitching to a standard stop might make this cheaper idea more enticing.

Before you start putting money into the idea, be sure to test your food product with people who don’t love you. You want real feedback and not a sugar-coated “well done.” And remember to cater to the 20% who will comment on social media leaving good or bad reviews. Reviews are what tell potential customers if your business is worth their salt, and too many bad reviews will harm your profits.

Top 20 Food Business ideas You Can Start in 2022

Finally, some really good advice in these times:

How to launch a hospitality business in an economic downturn