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How to work around cost of living increases

  • by JW

– the latest tips and advice


The Herald has launched its new money matters campaign.

Each week we’ll be giving out local tips and advice on how people can cope in East Devon.

Sidmouth residents asked the effects of cost of living. | Sidmouth Herald

Devon Live has got its own series of pieces designed to help out:

Poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has shared tips on how she keeps the cost of her weekly shop at a minimum in the hopes it will help shoppers save money. The former foodbank user took to Twitter to re-share the hack which she originally posted in February.
The 34-year-old, who became a viral sensation with her money-saving tips, urged people to take stock of everything in their cupboards, fridge and freezer every couple of months, reports Manchester Evening News. Jack said: “One of my best tips for keeping the food shop down to £20 a week is to do a full stocktake every now and then of what’s in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. Let me explain how it works…”

Former foodbank user Jack Monroe shares tips on how to keep weekly food shop under £20 – Devon Live

There’s a way you can give away the food you don’t need or intend to eat. It’s called Olio, and is a sharing app where you can list items to be collected by those who might enjoy them, saving them from the bin.
With the rising cost of living forcing many people to worry about putting food on the table, apps like this can go a long way to helping ease people’s struggles. Grocery prices rose at their fastest rate in more than eight years in February, according to the market analysts Kantar, which predicted the squeeze on shoppers would continue as a result of supply-chain disruption and the conflict in Ukraine.
Birmingham Live’s Kirsty Bosley decided to try the app out, as the team weren’t going to be in the office for a few days over Easter. According to Kirsty, they “had some pretty good stuff in the cupboard, a full loaf of bread with a few days left on it, an unopen box of Alpen, some cookies and a tin of beans.”

Trying a new app where you give and get food for free – Devon Live

There are also some novel suggestions for the way ahead:

UK needs to bring back wartime-era communal kitchens on every high street to cope with cost of living crisis, insists expert – Devon Live

It’s not just food prices which we can try and work around:

How to save money on car and home insurance

Meanwhile, there is some good news on prices:

Cost of living crisis: EVs are now nearly £600 cheaper a year to run than petrol alternatives