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Ikea in Exeter > “But with a big hit comes pressure on infrastructure”

  • by JW

The new Ikea on the outskirts of Exeter is a big hit – but it’s also hit the infrastructure:

Bank holiday mayhem at Ikea as car park is nearly full by 11am

Ikea Exeter will be ‘so busy’ they want a second car park just for 197 staff


But promises are being made:


If you build it, they will come

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018


Not a car to be seen in this plan

But think of the traffic, Ikea!

Exeter’s neighbourhood police team say problems with traffic in the Newcourt area around Ikea is leading to complaints from residents, and “management of increased demand” is the responsibility of the Swedish furniture store.

Although the police say they’ll work towards a long-term solution, they won’t be providing “dedicated police resourcing to patrol the residential area during predicted high demand. Ikea will be held to account for providing an engagement plan with residents and a strategy for mitigating future concerns.”

The store has been a big hit with shoppers since it opened in May. Exeter City Council and the city’s chamber of commerce have heralded it as a major coup for the city. But with a big hit comes pressure on infrastructure. It is understood that Ikea is considering paying for a bus service allowing shoppers to park at the store and then travel into the city centre.


If you build it, they will come