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Last chance to register to vote – tomorrow, Tuesday 26th November

  • by JW

The Vision Group will be hosting a hustings event next week:

General Election Hustings in Sidmouth NEW TIME


There has been a lot of media attention of course – including social media:

Sidmouth Community


With several stories from the Herald:

Jeremy Thorpe investigation and Genette Tate disappearance question raised in general election materials

General Election 2019: Conservative ‘fake newspaper’ compared to ‘factcheckUK’

Green party candidate Henry Gent’s cause is ‘for the greater good of society’

‘I nearly stood’ – council leader considered run for parliamentary seat

‘I’m in it to win it’ says Labour Party election candidate

‘I’m going to win this time’ – Independent parliamentary candidate aims to be a ‘strong’ constituency MP

‘Enough is enough’, says Liberal Democrats’ Parliamentary candidate championing ‘Stop Brexit’ campaign

Independent vote ‘would not achieve anything’ says departing MP


And tomorrow is the last day to register to vote!

Here’s a guide from the Guardian:


How do I register to vote in 12 December 2019 general election?

Deadline to make sure your voice is heard is 11:59pm on Tuesday 26 November


And from the Electoral Commission:

Register to vote by 26 November


Vote: Polling station for UK’s 2017 general election | Flickr