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Litter on the beach

  • by JW

Should volunteers step in to clear up the mess?


The Sidmouth Plastic Warriors were out in strength a fortnight ago – the purpose being to clear up debris coming in from the sea, and not debris left behind by careless beach-goers:


Litter around Sidmouth leaves plastic warrior ‘heartbroken’

A Sidmouth Plastic Warrior has been left ‘heartbroken’ by the amount of litter on the beach after the hard work it took to make it spotless during lockdown.

Denise Bickley, of Sidmouth Plastic Warriors, said: “We have all seen pictures online and in the papers of the Jurassic Coast getting a battering with litter as ‘pub culture’ is spilling out onto the beaches.

“I personally have been heartbroken as we worked so hard to get the beach and the whole area looking amazingly clean during lockdown…”

Denise said the easing of the lockdown, coinciding with the beautiful weather, has caused chaos on England’s beaches.

Litter around Sidmouth leaves plastic warrior ‘heartbroken’ | Sidmouth Herald


But it’s been happening everywhere:

Brighton: Highest amount of rubbish ever left on beach | The Argus


Such is the impact across the country’s beaches, that they might well be closed off:

New lockdown could be on its way, government warns | Entertainment Daily


With many people behind the idea:

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Beaches should be closed after crowds flouted social distancing – poll | UK | News |


Because people are not taking their litter home:

Monday moan – Take your rubbish with you after enjoying our great outdoors |


There’s been a lot of debate around why this is happening:

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Yobs revel in this cop-out, says CAROLE MALONE | Express Comment |

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But can we really expect local volunteers to clean up after other people’s mess?

Kind-hearted volunteers step in to clear up beach louts’ mess |


Or, for that matter, over-stretched council workers?

25 June 2020 – Exmouth clear up today following unprecedented demand on services to keep streets clean and bins emptied – East Devon